Friday, August 20, 2010

Rally Round The King

For those not on the Two Hour Wargames mailing list (you should be), Ed has stated that he should be releasing "Rally Round The King", an updated version of the old Warrior Heroes element-based fantasy ruleset, which were in turn based on an older set of ancients rules. The ruleset's big draws for me is that once the armies are on the table, they pretty much run themselves via the Reaction System, and that there is an extensive solo campaign system that takes into account diplomacy and economic issues during the game. Having read much of the old Warrior Kings rulebook, I can tell that this new book is likely to be a godsend for solo gamers like myself that are looking to run fantasy mass battles.

For more information, please check out the Two Hour Wargames Yahoo Group and watch this space for a potential Rally Round The King fantasy campaign (if my purchases at Fall-in go well).

P.S. I also recommend that any interested parties take a gander at Talomir Tales, an extensive campaign in progress using the old Warrior Heroes and Warrior Heroes:Armies and Adventurers (skirmish/mass skirmish THW system).

Friday, August 13, 2010

New sci-fi goodies from

HOF 62 Draccian Heavy Weapons

It looks like the first entry in Alternative Armies' Hordes of Future range is a heavy weapons squad for the Dracci. It would seem that they seek to sci-fi up their excellent dragonman fantasy range. The heavy weapons come in the standard AA 3 sculpt format that they've used for the rest of their range and seem to feature a lascannon, SAW and flamethrower (an obvious choice for draconic aliens).

Even better news is that the this product code and all of the Octopod product codes are now available as single castings. Since I've yet to pick up my current issue of Barking Irons, I'll be picking up some singles to review, including the Octopod medic (or should I say, Dr. Zoidberg?).

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