Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blackmoore's Dragoons for Star Army

As it turns out I was not as productive as I'd hoped. I did however manage to create a list for my favorite creme de la creme private contractors, Blackmoore's Dragoons.

Blackmoore's Dragoons (use Star Army reaction tables)

Attributes: Agile, Fast, Subject to Fear

Dragoon Infantry Bloc (3 per platoon)
4x Dragoons (Rep 3-5, HB armor, Laser Rifle)
2x Dragoons (Rep 3-5, HB armor, Rapid-Fire Laser Rifle)
2x Dragoons (Rep 3-5, HB armor, Plasma Gun)
1x NCO (Rep 3-5, HB armor, Shotgun)
1x Medic (Rep 4, HB armor, Laser Carbine)

Brathairn Infantry Bloc (1 per platoon)*
4x Dragoons (Rep 4-5, HB armor, Laser Rifle)
2x Dragoons (Rep 4-5, HB armor, Rapid-Fire Laser Rifle)
2x Dragoons (Rep 4-5, HB armor, Plasma Gun)
1x NCO (Rep 4-5, HB armor, Shotgun)

*All Brathairn have received advanced life-saving training and are treated as Medics

Dragoon Vehicle Table (+1d6 to Vehicle Reaction Table rolls)
1-3 Chariot IFV
4 Chariot IFV, or if an Attack mission, a Chieftain HBT
5-6 Chieftain HBT
Dragoon Vehicles

Chariot IFV (EXO, Capacity 1, Medium Projectile Cannon, 2x LAW, Tracked, 24/18 speed)
Chieftain HBT (BTA, Roof Capacity 1, Particle-Plasma Gun, Small Beam Cannon, Tracked,
24/12 speed)

Insertion Table
# - Controlling Contesting
1 - Walking In Walking In
2 - Walking In Chariot IFV
3 - Walking In Chariot IFV
4 - Chariot IFV Chariot IFV
5 - Chariot IFV Chieftain HBT
6 - Chieftain HBT Dropship

Maximum Investment Level in Controlled or Contested Areas: 3

For all other relevant tables see the Gaea Prime/Star Army Tables

Monday, July 25, 2011

5150 Star Army Lists - Orcs and Dragoons

This is just a placeholder for now... my recent employment at a produce processing plant has worn be out, but I'm hoping that tomorrow night I'm feeling energetic enough to post my altered lists. Suffice it to say that the Orcs are mostly based on the in-universe Grath entry, whereas the Dragoons are a Free Company that is equipped and trained similarly to the Star Army (but at the same time, support weapons are typically not platoon assets in the Dragoons, they're fireteam assets, which means that there are an awful lot of Repeating Lasers and Plasma Guns compared to the suggested lists).

Again, hopefully something concrete will be developed tomorrow.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Commander Nosh and the Bad Moon Lads

My Bad Moons in all their glory:

Next up, either Garn or my GZG shanties.

Friday, July 8, 2011

More 15mm Orc Vehicles

My painted fire support vehicle and its accompanying orc tank.

I've opted for a 2nd Ed. style Bad Moonz look with these, but painting anything yellow has proven challenging. On the plus side, it looks better than my Orc Battlewagon. I've got four more Shermans, but I'll probably convert them into Kangaroos instead of swapping turrets.

Note: I noticed the offending lightning bolt decal after I took the photo and have touched it up with paint.

My complete Orc vehicle fleet. I need to actually finish up some orcs to go with them.

My brand new painting desk (which is apparently of the "Secretary" type). It's quite nice, as there's plenty of storage, room for a lamp, and it's a fair step up from my previous TV tray.

Now that I've got the vehicles cleared off my desk I can get onto my next set of projects: The Fortified Manor and my 28mm Urban War gangs for MDRG.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Something for the 6mm crowd - A Landship!

Recently I was trying to get some old projects off my desk so that I could return to painting my wife's WHFB Fortified Manor (which I had promised to paint several years ago), and amongst them was the 15mm Blower Tank-based landship. While I had initially purchased the tank just for its hull, it spent a year or so painted as an actual tank, and it was just this week that I finally decided to sand the top of the hull flat, lay down a piece of styrene and get down to business. This is the result:

Not terrible for something I more or less banged together out of a blower hull, some Old Crow 6mm turrets, BFG Imperial Cruiser bridge and cannons, some Sintra, and some EM-4 mech parts.

Size Comparison Left to Right: GZG Infantry walkers, Exodus Wars infantry, Mk.1 Land Raider

I had intended to have constructed one of these at some point during my old club's combined Dirtside/Starmada campaign, but the campaign resources never allowed for this design to be fielded, and I just never bothered. It may see some use eventually, if I can ever get another 6mm sci-fi army put together.