Friday, July 8, 2011

More 15mm Orc Vehicles

My painted fire support vehicle and its accompanying orc tank.

I've opted for a 2nd Ed. style Bad Moonz look with these, but painting anything yellow has proven challenging. On the plus side, it looks better than my Orc Battlewagon. I've got four more Shermans, but I'll probably convert them into Kangaroos instead of swapping turrets.

Note: I noticed the offending lightning bolt decal after I took the photo and have touched it up with paint.

My complete Orc vehicle fleet. I need to actually finish up some orcs to go with them.

My brand new painting desk (which is apparently of the "Secretary" type). It's quite nice, as there's plenty of storage, room for a lamp, and it's a fair step up from my previous TV tray.

Now that I've got the vehicles cleared off my desk I can get onto my next set of projects: The Fortified Manor and my 28mm Urban War gangs for MDRG.


  1. I Love the vehicles, and better yet I love the desk. I have a desk very much like your, just my top section is a glass front cabinet. My came frm my Great Aunt, and Uncle and am very happy to keep it in the family. I am not sure they would approve of its condition but I sure they would not want it in the scrap yard. Link to my desk.


  2. they look very good and orcish too. Good job

  3. Very nice! I love the BadMoon paint job.