Thursday, July 7, 2011

Something for the 6mm crowd - A Landship!

Recently I was trying to get some old projects off my desk so that I could return to painting my wife's WHFB Fortified Manor (which I had promised to paint several years ago), and amongst them was the 15mm Blower Tank-based landship. While I had initially purchased the tank just for its hull, it spent a year or so painted as an actual tank, and it was just this week that I finally decided to sand the top of the hull flat, lay down a piece of styrene and get down to business. This is the result:

Not terrible for something I more or less banged together out of a blower hull, some Old Crow 6mm turrets, BFG Imperial Cruiser bridge and cannons, some Sintra, and some EM-4 mech parts.

Size Comparison Left to Right: GZG Infantry walkers, Exodus Wars infantry, Mk.1 Land Raider

I had intended to have constructed one of these at some point during my old club's combined Dirtside/Starmada campaign, but the campaign resources never allowed for this design to be fielded, and I just never bothered. It may see some use eventually, if I can ever get another 6mm sci-fi army put together.

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