Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Janitoria: Now I'm a Slumlord

This week I was inspired by some of Murphy's early Bongolesia posts, specifically this one, and as a result decided to try my hand at a few rowhouses of my own. While I had formerly been intimidated by foamcore construction, the imprecise and slapdash building codes of the Third World allowed me more freedom to screw up, and the results are decent enough.

Foamcore definitely has an edge over papercraft (there are a few Worldworks buildings in there as well) in that it is much quicker and much more forgiving than folding fiddly bitz of paper (even more so considering this is in 15mm). Foamcore buildings are also insanely cheaper than than wooden plint buildings, and similarly do not have to have interiors. For now at least I feel that as long as I am not building something that requires particularly precise construction, foamcore is the way to go. Anyways, here are the results of my labors:

Rearview of the two sets of houses I've built. They could probably use a few more windows, but I haven't felt like adding them yet.

Major Douglas Blackmoore looks out over Slumtown.

Max Headroom discovers that there's better reception on the rooftops.

The not-so benevolent monarch assures his people that he feels their pain, and does not care.

An aerial view of it all.

As an aside, I've been mulling over a catch-all sci-fi setting that can combine my varied interests, and the end result was Janitoria, which unlike other Imagi-Nations, is on another planet. This allows for socio-political interference from factions in space as well as planetbound forces with even more ridiculous hijinks.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Long live Janitoria, shining gem of the Third World (of the Omega System)

The cruelty of the the old regime is a thing of the past. Let a whole new wave of cruelty begin!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

High Elves for Rally Round the King

What follows is my High Elf army, the contents of's High Elf army for HotT. Color schemes are based on the 5th edition Warhammer Battle Book with a few Eldar transfers to jazz up their shields. All are based on stock plastic bases with some sand and PVA glue.

High Elf Spears:
The core of any High Elven army, too bad I only have 4 stands. Also, try as I might I could not get a good picture of them.

Silver Helms:
High Elf Heavy Cavalry; they're actually a pretty good match for the Silver Helms in the Battle Book. Too bad AA doesn't make a warhorse with heavy barding. Also of note, AA horses are huge.

High Elf Outriders:
These are my stand-in for the bow and spear-armed Ellyrian Reavers; unfortunately the spear-armed horsemen were in another pack. Regardless, they fulfill the role of mounted skirmishers.

High Elf Mage:
He's a pretty weird-looking guy, what with the wings and all, but will represent my Magic User stand. Besides, what's an elf army without powerful spellcasters?

High Elf General on Griffon:
This conversion ended up being a lot more difficult than the picture on the website led me to believe. After much chopping off of pieces of the general's saddle I finally gave up and shoved a glob of green stuff between her legs and called it good. I'm not sure how she'll be statted, but she makes for a nice army centerpiece.

What a Trip

For a long while my blog has been silent, mostly due to a combination of moving from one coast to another, graduating, and other miscellaneous things. I've had some time for wargaming projects when WoW hasn't gotten in the way, and really, considering my continued unemployment I should've accomplished more. But enough about that, I've been working on a number of projects in the meantime.

  • Armies for Rally Round the King: I've got a based EIR army minus its spellcaster options and a based AA High Elves army which really has too few stands to serve as an able opponent for my Romans. This is a situation I hope to correct when cashflow is improved. Pictures of the High Elves will follow as I still have not textured the Romans' bases.
  • 15mm terrain: I've constructed a number of paper buildings (mostly due to the fact that my other terrain is in a storage box) and am able to populate a 2x2' table pretty easily. A word from the wise though; World Works fire escapes do not survive being scaled down to 60%. That being said, it's enabled me to get in a few All Things Zombie games, which have been fun and mostly unfortunate for Zapp Brannigan and Dr. Zoidberg.
  • There's been a mild clamor on The Miniatures Page for a company-level sci-fi game for 15mm figures. I'm still convinced that Dirtside II could serve this purpose well if the infantry rules weren't wonky, but even so I've begun to cook up my own Warmaster/FMA inspired rules. At the moment they technically work but I'd like to add a little more chrome before I start in-house playtesting.
  • We had a little cash to spare, so I'm having some 15mm fantasy figures sculpted. I don't wish to reveal too much, but they fill a popular niche that is currently not well represented in the scale, or at least, not since Demonworld became collectors' material.