Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What a Trip

For a long while my blog has been silent, mostly due to a combination of moving from one coast to another, graduating, and other miscellaneous things. I've had some time for wargaming projects when WoW hasn't gotten in the way, and really, considering my continued unemployment I should've accomplished more. But enough about that, I've been working on a number of projects in the meantime.

  • Armies for Rally Round the King: I've got a based EIR army minus its spellcaster options and a based AA High Elves army which really has too few stands to serve as an able opponent for my Romans. This is a situation I hope to correct when cashflow is improved. Pictures of the High Elves will follow as I still have not textured the Romans' bases.
  • 15mm terrain: I've constructed a number of paper buildings (mostly due to the fact that my other terrain is in a storage box) and am able to populate a 2x2' table pretty easily. A word from the wise though; World Works fire escapes do not survive being scaled down to 60%. That being said, it's enabled me to get in a few All Things Zombie games, which have been fun and mostly unfortunate for Zapp Brannigan and Dr. Zoidberg.
  • There's been a mild clamor on The Miniatures Page for a company-level sci-fi game for 15mm figures. I'm still convinced that Dirtside II could serve this purpose well if the infantry rules weren't wonky, but even so I've begun to cook up my own Warmaster/FMA inspired rules. At the moment they technically work but I'd like to add a little more chrome before I start in-house playtesting.
  • We had a little cash to spare, so I'm having some 15mm fantasy figures sculpted. I don't wish to reveal too much, but they fill a popular niche that is currently not well represented in the scale, or at least, not since Demonworld became collectors' material.

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