Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Janitoria: Now I'm a Slumlord

This week I was inspired by some of Murphy's early Bongolesia posts, specifically this one, and as a result decided to try my hand at a few rowhouses of my own. While I had formerly been intimidated by foamcore construction, the imprecise and slapdash building codes of the Third World allowed me more freedom to screw up, and the results are decent enough.

Foamcore definitely has an edge over papercraft (there are a few Worldworks buildings in there as well) in that it is much quicker and much more forgiving than folding fiddly bitz of paper (even more so considering this is in 15mm). Foamcore buildings are also insanely cheaper than than wooden plint buildings, and similarly do not have to have interiors. For now at least I feel that as long as I am not building something that requires particularly precise construction, foamcore is the way to go. Anyways, here are the results of my labors:

Rearview of the two sets of houses I've built. They could probably use a few more windows, but I haven't felt like adding them yet.

Major Douglas Blackmoore looks out over Slumtown.

Max Headroom discovers that there's better reception on the rooftops.

The not-so benevolent monarch assures his people that he feels their pain, and does not care.

An aerial view of it all.

As an aside, I've been mulling over a catch-all sci-fi setting that can combine my varied interests, and the end result was Janitoria, which unlike other Imagi-Nations, is on another planet. This allows for socio-political interference from factions in space as well as planetbound forces with even more ridiculous hijinks.


  1. Outstanding. That looks like a very playable, fun table. That wood plinth building is very cool. I'd never seen one of those.

  2. Thank you for that... all credit for the plinth idea goes to Stuuh at