Wednesday, April 13, 2011

High Elves for Rally Round the King

What follows is my High Elf army, the contents of's High Elf army for HotT. Color schemes are based on the 5th edition Warhammer Battle Book with a few Eldar transfers to jazz up their shields. All are based on stock plastic bases with some sand and PVA glue.

High Elf Spears:
The core of any High Elven army, too bad I only have 4 stands. Also, try as I might I could not get a good picture of them.

Silver Helms:
High Elf Heavy Cavalry; they're actually a pretty good match for the Silver Helms in the Battle Book. Too bad AA doesn't make a warhorse with heavy barding. Also of note, AA horses are huge.

High Elf Outriders:
These are my stand-in for the bow and spear-armed Ellyrian Reavers; unfortunately the spear-armed horsemen were in another pack. Regardless, they fulfill the role of mounted skirmishers.

High Elf Mage:
He's a pretty weird-looking guy, what with the wings and all, but will represent my Magic User stand. Besides, what's an elf army without powerful spellcasters?

High Elf General on Griffon:
This conversion ended up being a lot more difficult than the picture on the website led me to believe. After much chopping off of pieces of the general's saddle I finally gave up and shoved a glob of green stuff between her legs and called it good. I'm not sure how she'll be statted, but she makes for a nice army centerpiece.

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  1. Those are very nice. I love the High Elves and these are very good looking models with excellent paintjobs. I'll have to take a look at AA. Thanks for posting.