Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looking for Rules for Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish

Well, I've got about an hour 'til my next class due to a cancellation, so I've got some time to kill.

Last night while working on several papers that I had due and watching Waterworld, I thought of my multiversal post-apocalyptic setting that I've been acquiring 15mm figures for. The Coalition TO & E was a part of that. I've already received two packs of 15mm SAMs and two packs of jetbikes, and I've painted up a few Cyberknights using Laserburn "Lawmen" or Judge Dredd figures. The question is, what rules will I use?

I've pretty much decided that I want the option for multi-basing so that I can use my figures for FWC, so I will likely purchase wooden individual bases with magnetic backing for all of my figures as well as metal sheeting for multi-bases. So I've got platoon-level action covered by FWC. What else can I consider for skirmish gaming?

-Necromunda: Ash Wastes is really its own setting, but I can find figures to cover most of the gangs.

-Nuclear Renaissance has a lot of what I want, but there are no rules for PAs, advanced robots, or hover vehicles.

-Combat Zone is a fairly flexible ruleset, with only two stats, but I may have difficulties with the high-end PAs and robots

-Just bought Star Mogul, and at least its salvage rules are interesting.

-Chain Reaction 3.0 is free, I might at least use its reaction system for solo gaming

-Shockforce doesn't have good rules for truly large vehicles and robots.

-I was developing my own skirmish system, but it may be too fast and furious for my big nasties.

So what do I really want in a skirmish system?

-fast-play mechanics
-few stats to memorize
-wackiness, but not too many tables
-rules for vehicles,PAs, robots, magic, psionics, mutants, aliens, demons, etc...
-campaign mode with less bookkeeping than Mordheim

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