Monday, January 25, 2010

Musings on Multi-basing

Holiday spending has put a moratorium on new figure purchases, at least for the time being, so now it's time to paint up those vast piles of lead I've accumulated. Today I'll probably knock together that squad of Alternative Armies Octopoids I purchased back when they were giving away packs of Sci-fi/Fantasy figures.

Anyways, having been forced to actually paint what I have, I'm contemplating what basing system to use in the future. The Spartans are all based to ASQL standards on 50x50 and 50x100mm stands and my Coalition forces are each mounted on 15mm Litko bases with magnetic bottoms. Frankly, I'm finding the single-based figures to be too fiddly to manipulate in games involving more than 10-15 figures to a side. As for the ASQL basing, it's nice and it looks good, but 50x50 bases are huge and not easily accommodated by commercially available terrain. This has lead me to consider FoW/Critical Mass-style bases of 3-man fire teams and 2-man specialist groups, with the occasional single-based character figure. I still plan on basing my Alien Imperial force to ASQL standards, but other than characters (Free Trader Crew) and Coalition forces, multi-basing is the way to go.


  1. I'm having similar basing dillemas - check out

    and the 31 December entry for an isea of what I'm trying.

  2. That's not far from what I ended up doing... though I slapped some rubber steel over the whole of my bases...

    Still, the bond doesn't seem strong enough for my tastes...