Thursday, September 2, 2010

Micropanzer 15mm SAS demo shots

I just got my pre-order of Micropanzer's wonderful sci-fi SAS troops in today. The whole pack consisted of two heavy weapons squads, a small command squad with snipers, a veteran squad in berets, and three squads of regulars with rifles and SAWs.

Left to right: A Tesla Cannon trooper, an NCO, and a Rapid Light Laser veteran

Left to right: Laser trooper, Long Range Laser trooper

The figures themselves are well detailed, somewhere in between Rebel and Khurasan, and I have few complaints. There was some minimal flash on the figures, and the mold lines between the legs are a bit annoying. It should be noted that the vast majority of the troopers don't really have a face; instead they have an odd gas mask. It'll probably look very nice painted up. $25 for a full platoon of infantry with heavy weapon support is pretty sweet, so I'm happy. My current plan involves stocking up on Combat Wombat tracked vehicles and mechanizing "Major Blackmoore's Dragoons", as I've come to call them.

Scale-wise they line up pretty well with other manufacturers, as you can see below:

Left to right: Tesla Cannon trooper, Rapid Light Laser Veteran, Alternative Armies Octopod, Laserburn Adventurer with missile launcher, GZG Japanese Corporate Trooper

And just for fun:
Sergeant Bare Metal picks a fight with several Frost Brood Dracci

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