Saturday, August 13, 2011

Painted Sons of Thunder - Shinmeiche Bronzo Company's 1st Platoon

I've just finished painting up an entire pack of Rebel Miniatures' Sons of Thunder (sculpted by Adam Gayford), and overall I'm fairly pleased. I intend to use them with the 5150 Scrunt list, and as a result had to convert some missing weapon options, namely the mini-gun and SAW. Since the Scrunt list uses 12-man squads I was able to get two squads out of the pack, but that didn't leave me with enough figures to add platoon assets or the platoon command team. That being said, two more packs from Mike and some support weapons from GZG or someone else should allow me to field a full company with all the trimmings. From now on I will be referring to these guys as the Shinmeiche, the dwarf guys in the Aetherverse rulebook; it just flows much better than Sons of Thunder and is less weird then saying Space Dwarf, Spwarf, Scrunt (they're not Bob Olley sculpts, so that would be rude), or anything else. Featured here are the Shinmeiche of Blue Squad (Red squad is pretty much identical, so I won't bother posting pics).

The Scrunt list splits squads into two 6-man fireteams; Team A contains the NCO (denoted by a red helm and shoulders), a rocket trooper, and 4 SMG-armed Shinmeiche.

Team B contains the Jr. NCO (a gesturing fellow with identical livery to the other squaddies), a mini-gun trooper, a SAW-armed trooper, and 3 SMG-armed Shinmeiche.

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