Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blue Lights in New Hope City

I recently purchased a copy of Two Hour Wargames: New Beginnings, and truthfully it is a thing of beauty. It provides more role-playing opportunities than D & D 4th edition and certainly has a more realistic combat system. I've already got plenty of 15mm characters and civvies painted up, but unfortunately I was not in possession of the police officers or vehicles that the rules call for. As of now I at least have transportation for them, thanks to Mattel.

I now have four of these sleek, futuristic police cars (though one still has to be painted, and I've got a ways to go in general), all at a $1.07-1.09 a piece, not terrible. The little plastic rivets on the bottom were easy to drill out, after which I primed the body and painted the whole black with white doors. I'll be following these up with painted headlights/tail lights as well as Space Wolf transfers on the doors. The cars themselves are a little oversized, but don't look bad next to 15mm figures as compared to actual Matchbox patrol vehicles.

The toy car used is Ultra Rage, 15/15 from the Track Stars '11 Hot Wheels line. I picked it up because it was shorter than the other cars and it put me in mind of the Antenociti's Workshop G.O.T. Police Cruiser. While it's a little more high tech than most of the equipment that is used in my Imagi-nation, I like to think that Itor's government would be just as likely to buy new, shiny equipment as it would burnt-out rust buckets.

There's also a call for a SWAT van in the rules, and I'll probably pick up Khurasan's Locust Patrol Truck for that purpose. As for the police officers themselves, I'm not sure... at the moment I'm favoring either Rebel Miniatures Riot Police or perhaps's Megopolis Police Patrol.


  1. I bought a PDF copy of 5150: New Beginnings myself today - I'm more interested in these types of scenario-driven wargames than ones designed for mass battles at the moment. I look forward to seeing your project progressing!

  2. You know, if anything seems out of scale in 15mm, it is most of the tanks. I think the car acttually looks like a perfect fit. I mean, look at the Rebel Merka's versus a FoW Tank, the scale on these V's are all over in my opinion, granted fictional versus reality, but thing 15mm and scifi in particular has going for it, anything can be made up!