Thursday, January 19, 2012

Alternative Shooting Resolution for Star Army

For ages, I've wanted a way of resolving group fire in Star Army that just wasn't present in the individual rules. I've adapted some Force on Force mechanisms for this purpose. The end result is less granular than Star Army allows for, but I don't really like individual targeting when I've got five or six groups on the table.

Firing Procedure:
  • LoS is determined from group center to group center; if the majority of a group is behind cover, the entire group is behind cover, etc...
  • Roll 1d6 for each member of the firing group; the initial total may not exceed the number of figures in the group receiving fire. Add additional 1d6s for whatever modifiers apply. Support weapons and Stars can fire separately using the usual shooting rules, but may not then add to the dice pool.
  • The group receiving fire rolls 1d6 for each group member, plus additional 1d6s for whatever modifiers apply.
  • Compare the number of successes rolled (1s, 2s, and 3s); if the attacker's successes exceed that of the defender, then make Impact rolls equal to the difference using the Impact chart for the majority weapon. Hits will be applied to the majority armor type in the defending group.
  • Make Reaction tests as normal, and continue to repeat the procedure until one side cannot return fire.

Attacker Modifiers:

  • Each SAW or Rifle/GL present +1d6
  • Each LMG, LAW, Rocket Launcher, or Anti-Air Launcher +2d6
  • Each HMG, Plasma Gun, +3d6
  • Group is primarily armed with laser weapons +2d6
  • Flamethrower within 12" +3d6

Defender Modifiers:

  • Defender is concealed +1d6
  • Defender is in cover +2d6
  • Defender is equipped with Hard Body armor +2d6
  • Defender is equipped with Exo-Armor +4d6
  • Defender is equiped with BTA +6d6

Admittedly this is all arbitrary and unplaytested, but I thought I should put it into electronic format while I was thinking about it. Perhaps if I can get the table cleared off soon I'll be able to give the mods a spin sometime this weekend.

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