Friday, October 14, 2011

Khurasan Locust Patrol Truck

I received my order of two Locusts Patrol Trucks and a SEAL DEVGRU team yesterday, and I was rather pleased with my order. Service was quick, as usual, and I was eager to dig in.

The complete Locust kit in parts.

The Locusts are pretty neat little kits, though they're a little smaller than I thought they'd be. There's very little flash or gating on the models, though there were gate remnants on an acceptable part of the wheel suspension.

The Locust's unique suspension. I'm guessing that each wheel has is independently powered.

The only significant problem I ran into during cleaning was a bit of mold slippage (which appears on both trucks). This is pretty easy to file down in general, but the rear door has given me a bit of trouble (it turned out better on the second kit).

Assembly was pretty easy; sand down the flat parts of the suspension, slot into the main body, clean out the top hatch and glue it down; bam! it's done. The kit comes with three top options (hatch, flush, and double turret), but I opted for the hatch since this will be a police vehicle.

(I went back and cleaned it up better after the picture).

All in all, good on Khurasan for bringing these beauts into the world. I probably won't need anymore for my SWAT cops, but the Orange Country Liberation Front might find some use for them (and the guns), so we'll see.

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