Saturday, September 26, 2009

Battle for the Masses - Battle Report

Well, this Friday we finished the remainder of our game beginning with turn 3. The forces of Humanity and Hill Dwarfs faced off valiantly against the Undead, Lizardmen, Greenskins, and Brass Dwarfs. The forces of "good" had already inflicted a break point against us by squishing a swarm of bugs, but our mighty Steamtank had already nearly broken their elite Dwarf Hammerers.

Poor elite Dwarfs, the forces of Darkness gain initiative and they are squashed under the spikes of its death roller.

The rest of the turn was not terribly exiting, though the dragon did make a mess of my Brass Dwarf Blunderbusses, while the two young griffins helped.

This brought the Dragon with in range of our Sorceress who then proceeded to cast Dust Storm, which in theory would kill the Dragon's effectiveness 'til the end of the game. Then it was dispelled pretty much immediately.

Over on the other side of the table a swarm of bugs was getting chewed up by spearmen, all the while blocking my Myrmidorcs' charge.

Meanwhile, a Dwarf hero was thwacking the skeleton archers soundly, which caused them to get slightly disgruntled, and well, decide to kill his ass. Still he did cause the skeletons to waver, setting us up with two wavering units for the next turn. I stupidly forgot about the Rally spells possessed by my Brass Dwarf Daemonsmith, and as a result, allowed the skellies to remain wavering into the next turn.

Our young Dragon also charged some wavering dwarfs in the flank, though they passed their check, game-ending was not possible.

Still, we managed to win initiative and inflict withering damage to break that same unit, thus winning the game for the forces of Darkness. Happy Birthday to me indeed

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