Thursday, September 24, 2009

Of Judge Dredd, Landships, and FWC

Charles will be absent from the Sand Table for the next three weeks, so we're going to dive into Dirtside once again. Eager to mix things up a bit further I suggested we try a Judge Dredd-style scenario in 28mm, knowing full well that at least Will would latch onto it. One problem came up when a scenario was suggested: I don't have a Judge Dredd model. This little problem was solved by buying the Indyclix Judge Dredd figure; not very attractive, but since I'm not in love with the Judge myself, it doesn't really matter.

So here's the set-up: a squad of hive/mega city enforcers, led by the Judge himself have gotten the wave that a bank heist is being organized by a gang of Triads, and are moving into the square to block their escape. Little does either side know, but a gang of Scavvies also got the tip and will attempt to take the goods while the scuffle's going on.

In Combat Zone terms, the Judge will be a Hero with Autopistol and Combat Suit, probably with improved melee dice.

He will be followed by a fairly normal corporate squad, with CO, NCO, and some sort of SAW.

The Triads will be represented by a Gang with a few specialists, including a Sumotori (Toughness +9) and a Kabuki Doll.

The Scavs will foll0w standard Scav gang rules, just need to see what sort of figures I have painted up.

Landships and FWC
Though we will be playing Dirtside these next couple of weeks, I intend to gear-up for FWC when we do our next Sci-fi campaign. With this in mind I'm trying to come up with viable figures for both Bolo-style super heavy tanks and landships.

In terms of landships, I consider the ideal to be Mobile Suit Gundam's Big Tray, shown here:

The problem is, no existing manufacturers make anything like it, so I've decided to adopt an alternative approach: Add a bunch of 6mm gun turrets to a 15mm hovertank, namely one from the GZG 15mm Stargrunt range.

The Kra'vak Heavy Grav Tank, High-Tech Grav Tank, and the Assault Sled all look like good candidates. As for the turrets, I may pick up a pack or two from the Dirtside range, or buy a couple Battletech tanks and scav the turrets from them. Not the cheapest route to go, I'd expect, but I don't intend on building more than one of these big boys.

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