Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall-in! '09 Part 2

After an excellent dinner of philly cheesesteak pizza at Dino's it was on to the next round of gaming.

My game wasn't here, but I needed something to do during the hour beforehand.

The evening game was titled "The Kepi to Morocco" and used the Sword in Africa (variant of The Sword and the Flame). TSATF is a semi-skirmish game with a 1:10 figure scale. All of the various 28mm figures were individually based, fired individually, and used damage resolution charts that adjudicated damage based on unit type and formation.

Fire Combat uses multiple d20s, movement uses a number of d6s depending on formation (open order, square) and unit types, and melee is a simultaneous affair that lasts until all participants are dead, victorious, or run away. Unit activation alternates depending on a card draw (red for French, black for Arabs), with each portion of the turn sequence (Movement, Fire Combat, and Melee) being resolved in turn. The natives are able to hide themselves in all manner of terrain. Scouts can be detached from formations to spot hidden ambushers.

I really enjoyed the game; it reminded me a lot of 3rd edition 40k but without the numerous special rules, statlines, and wound markers. Unfortunately the Legionnaires spread themselves too thin and as a result were very vulnerable to the millions of camels hiding behind every rock.

The quiet before the storm. No natives in site.

Massed Legionnaires and their native allies. The front three Legionnaire formations were mine. Two of them were rendered non-entities by their wounded.

The Arabs are massing their troops so they can hide?

The French were pretty thin on the ground at this point, but at least we knew where the Arab foot troops were. There was one last, huge, swirling melee, but the pic was really fuzzy.

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