Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall-in! '09 Part 1

I attended Fall-in! this weekend, thanks to my lovely wife agreeing to go. This was my first purely gaming convention, and it was a blast.

We arrived too late Friday to get any games in, but I did get to look around the exhibition hall. Truly impressive; even Dragon-Con didn't have as much swag, and they had around 20,000 people last time I went (vs. the 2,000 or so at Fall-in!). I picked up a Rebel Miniatures combat flatbed, Scourge and Scourge Heavy Weapons, and some EF infantry; I later did some head swaps between the Scourge and EF infantry to get my Coalition Dead Lads. Iron Wind Metals was selling Battletech bitz by the ounce, so I loaded up on 6mm scale turrets, many of which will grace my landship if I ever get around to buying it. I also picked up a handful of GHQ tanks and a Crossfire rulebook, so I should be ready for our Crossfire campaign shortly. Litko's 15mm bases have also proved useful.

After a quick auto tour of the Gettysburg battlefield I was ready to jump into my first game, Cowboy Wars out West, unfortunately it was canceled. Instead I went to an Old Glory-sponsored game in which the Earp Clan and friends took on some cowboys, using the Desperado skirmish system (percentage-based). I took command of Virgil and Wyatt Earp, but things went poorly for our side. I had initially deployed Virgil and his rifle in a sniper's position, but unfortunately none of the cowboys ventured into the street. His brother faired worse; Indian Charlie unloaded three rounds into his back, and he was shot through the heart. We all were given resin outhouses due to our foul dice rolls. Old Glory was showcasing their western buildings and their new pre-made table sections (2' x 2' painted, sculpted, and flocked at $115 for a box of three).

The set-up.

The characters and their cards are all laid out.

A better view of the town and surrounding countryside. I absolutely love those rocky outcropping tiles.

The carnage is well under way, and Virgil is hiding in an alley between the buildings in the lower right corner.

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  1. Great stuff I really wish I could have been there. I has the desperado's rule book but could never find anyone to play it.

    Please post more.