Thursday, November 19, 2009

My first batch of 15mm soldiers is ready

Yesterday I finished basing and varnishing my first set of 15mm soldiers. Most of these were constructed from my convention purchases, namely Rebel Miniatures EF Infantry bodies with Scourge heads. The conversions went quickly, but I have to remember not to pick them up by their heads, ever... the remaining seven figures were the EF Infantry Sergeant, painted as a medic, a droid made from a Scourge Heavy Weapon body and an EF Infantry helmet, four mercenary cyborgs (red-inked Scourge Heavy Weapon troopers), and a Dog Soldier(RAFM Warhounds of Sirius).

The whole set turned out rather well, I even managed to stick on the magnetic bases. So what can I use these for? Beamstrike will get used in a small skirmish sometime next week, with the Coalition Dead Lads as the protagonists. Once I buy some bases and rubber steel stick-ons I've got a fair start on an ASQL Human Imperial army: 4 squads of Stormtroopers, though I still need to purchase at least one AFV for them. Maybe after Christmas.

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