Friday, February 26, 2010

Factions, new purchases, etc...

I've been silent for almost a month now, mostly due to a lack of pictures. So what have I been up to?

- I have ordered and received my 15mm Space Corridor system from Litko, though sans a few 1x1 tile sets due to a packing error. Fortunately, Litko's customer service is WONDERFUL and I will have the missing tiles shortly. Expect painted pics of the tiles in this space in the near future.

-I painted up one of my GZG Japanese PAs as a character figure for the Coalition: Lt. Ortega Maximo of the Coalition's Special Forces.

-I stripped my GZG Alien Mercenaries and have begun painting them up as Bad Moon Orks. They certainly fit the bill despite their lack of tusks/noses.

-I just received my Old Crow Miniatures order and am in the process of contemplating how to construct a Land Battleship out of a 15mm Blower tank.

Future Plans

As some who've been reading all along are aware, most of my 15mm forces are based on the Palladium Rifts universe. The main examples thus far are my Rebel Miniatures Dead Lads and my Jetbikes/Jet Troopers from The Scene. I had always planned to add factions beyond the Coalition to the game, and my next major faction will be the New German Republic, with most of the figures coming from Ground Zero Games (UNSC Light Troopers, Cyclops Battlesuits, Hi-Mobility Wheeled vehicles) and PAs provided by Khurasan Miniatures.

Mark's Traveller post from a few weeks back put it into my head that I want to expand beyond Rifts Earth. Why couldn't Rifts Earth have found itself in a new solar system and developed space travel? From there I decided that the Coalition and the NGR have expanded into space, the Chinese have joined up with some galactic traders and now dominate commerce, and various humans, aliens, and the like have gotten caught up in the mess.

Now what rules am I using? Everything I feel like... individual basing with magnetic multi-bases may well still work, I'll just have to experiment.

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