Monday, June 7, 2010

A mobile home for some green-tinted alien mercenaries

A mobile fortress for my Moon Bats

The base model was a 1/72 Scale Pegasus Hobbies ISU-122 tank, which was then partially assembled with various Battletech and GW Wartrukk gubbinz stuck on, and then primed black. Next I followed up with a heavy drybrush of gunmetal, followed by lots of cheap yellow paint. Brown Ink was used to dirty up some of the rivets, and the gun barrels were given a coat of Chainmail. It's amazing what a lot of yellow paint can do to a WWII-era tank...

My Alien Mercenaries can ride the sideboards, and the little crow's nest will also seat a figure on a 1/4" washer.

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