Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time for my monthly post... this time Space Mercenaries!

Left to Right: Mercenary Captain, Medic, Padre, Radio Operator

I picked up a pack of Retained Knight Command a number of months ago during one of 15mm.co.uk's semi-regular "pay for shipping and get a free pack of figs" and just finished painting them up yesterday. Initially they reminded me of Heresy-era Space Marines, with their Mortifactors color-scheme (black, bone, and a bit of light grey on the backpacks) they look more like Clone Troopers. They're really neat little figures, and I hope to get more to round out my force, such as a Guild Engineer with some robots and some heavy weapons troopers. I will probably be using the Star Marine or ISS lists from 5150 for these guys.

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