Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wow, another post... Behold the Stoned Potato!

After an unfortunately labeled Miniatures Page post discussing the Transformers Crossovers Twilight I finally went out and bought it. Of course, it then sat on my shelf for about a month before I got around to doing anything with it, but here is the final result: The Stoned Potato, a modified Kobold Engineering JU-1610 light freighter. Armament includes a turret mounted light laser that is controlled remotely by the copilot, and a fixed mount light railgun (which essentially means that the left side is completely undefended, but I blame the idiots who created the 2nd Clone Wars series for that). The rear cargo compartment is actually big enough to allow most smaller 15mm vehicles to enter(Flames of War Shermans for one), but even after Anakin's legs were removed lowering the ramp adequately was impossible.

To eliminate the pigment of the ugly blue plastic it was cast in I gave the Potato a heavy coat of Krylon Ultra-Flat Camouflage. The trim was painted up with Apple Barrel Burnt Umber, with some of the details picked out in Apple Barrel Pewter Gray and Citadel Boltgun Metal. The windshield was painted black. The whole assembly was given a liberal wash of Citadel Devlan Mud (love that stuff) after which I spun the gun turret to keep it from sticking.

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