Thursday, June 23, 2011

This week in Janitoria...

...Or more specifically, on the outskirts of Vindaloo, one of Janitoria's smaller cities. A small Coalition force is conducting a lightning raid on an Orange Country Liberation Front cell at the very edges of Vindaloo on suspicion that the cell is in possession of stolen Coalition military hardware.

In this solo game I will be attempting to use the Ed's ATZ/CR 3.0 system in an element-based game, with one element representing a squad or fireteam (I can't be arsed to decide which at this point). I feel that this makes the firepower of singly-based Stars more epic while at the same time allowing me to put more troops on the table. As I go along I will be making notes regarding any on-the-fly modifications I will have to make to the basic rules. The scenario is based on the Patrol mission in the basic CR 3.0 rules, with the added bonus that elements will be able to search buildings like in ATZ, hopefully discovering the stolen hardware before the Coalition forces are overwhelmed.

Anyways, onto the forces involved:

The Coalition

Coalition forces will use the Military Reaction Table

Lt. Ortega Maximo
(Star, Rep 5, Brawler, Nerves of Steel, Leader, counts as armed with a Chainsaw)

SAMAS (Rep 5, HMGs, single-use LAW)

Note: Since all of the above are equipped with Power Armor, an Obviously Dead result is needed to remove them from the fight. The SAMAS PAs also treat all terrain as clear terrain and can fly to the tops of buildings.

Coalition Dead Boys with Skelebot support weapons
(Rep 4, body armor, assault rifles, SAWs on Skelebot supported elements)


The Orange Country Liberation Front

OCLF forces use the Survivor Reaction Table

ACRs are ARs with +1 in Melee

OCLF Command (Rep 5, ACRs, Leader)

OCLF Support (Rep 4, ACRs, LAW)

OCLF Landowners (Plantation owners displaced by King Itor's bolognium mining operations)
(Rep 4, ACRs)

OCLF Laborers (they prefer the drudgery and poor working conditions of the orchards to the drudgery and poor working conditions of the bolognium mines)
(Rep 3, assault rifles)

And who could this be?


  1. Great photos, but who make the minis from the first squad LT Maximo's squad? They are great.


  2. The PA figures led by Maximo are ex-MJ Games not-SAMAS figures that were up 'til recently sold by The Scene as "Jet Troopers". I've not seen them up for sale for a number of months, so I'm not sure what happened to them.

  3. Hey, just saw your post on TMP tonight; this is great stuff! As much as I like the not-Coalition stuff, I really love your OC Liberation Front forces! Any thoughts about trying to find a 15mm version of a certain 'walking Swedish murder machine' or 'blond haired, butter-cream-frosted murder cake?'

  4. Actually I was hoping to turn the silver-shirted, red helmeted super hero in the Rebel Minis superhero pack into such a fellow...